Journeys Interactive Series currencies

Hey!! Are you the one just like me who loves playing the decision-making games, just because they are so realistic and fun to play? Well, if yes, then you need to try one game that I just love. The particular games have only marked its presence in the play stores; Now you can control your own life and get a chance to shape your success and love story Journeys Interactive Series.
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The game allows you to shape your life by taking the decisions accordingly. Here you will require to either keep a balance or to choose between your success and love.  Just like real life, here also the choice you will make will turn out your story to have different outcomes. You are you want only have mystery and drama but also romance and a little bit adventure too.


Here in the game, you will be given three choices for the series to choose between. These three series are:
·         Recipe of love
·         Linda Brown: love in Rio
·         Vamprya
You can choose freely between these three series to play.

The only tip I want to give you is that you should always choose the straight forward answer and honest ones to get close to your partner. Also, try to select some flirty ones at the times when he asks any question. You can also unlock unique choices by spending your diamonds. However, if you run out of the gems, then it is better to take the help of Journeys Interactive Series hack to get a generous amount of cheats. So, are you ready to help your character live the desired life in Journeys Interactive Series?